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>> the news begins anew here on studio b. it could be hours before the crowds ship makes it to shore. we're speaking live to passengers enduring another day of what they say are onion sandwiches and sewage in the hallways. a bombshell surrounding a history-making track star, oscar pistorius, the blade runner, all the details coming up. >> the planned merger of american airlines and u.s. airways would create the world's largest airline. we'll break down what it means for you, the traveler, trying to book your flights. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." we begin with a a fox urgent setback for thousands of passengers stranded on the broken down crowds cruise ship.
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the ship is at a standstill because of a broken towline. this after delay after delay, carnival originally said the ship would arrive this afternoon, then they pushed back the estimated ail arrival to tonight, close to midnight. now this. of course you know the 900-foot long vessel has been without power since sunday when a fire in the engine room knocked out most of the electricity. since then it's been, according to passengers, grim onboard. raw sewage reportedly flooding the hallways, no air conditioning. barely any working toilets. we're told passengers had to wait for hours for anything to eat or drink. folks have reportedly had to sleep on the deck. now it's about 43 degrees and very cold. until the recent stop, the tugboats were towing it from the
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gulf of mexico to mobile bay to the port. they were moving a few miles an hour, so it's a slow process. today, a carnival representative said they're getting everybody off but it will take a long time. >> this is going to be a long day. this is not a process that will happen fast. there's no way to speed up the process to get the ship alongside sooner. >> carnival disputes how bad the conditions are but for the passengers, the journey is far from over because once they make it to land, they have to board busses for a two-hour drive to hotels in new orleans or a 7-hour drive to the home port of galveston, texas. jonathan, what do we know about the broken towline? can it be fixed? >> there are friends and family of passengers onboard the ship in cell phone communication. one family tells me that they've heard from a loved one that the
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ship -- the towline has now been repaired. we're waiting for confirmation on this from carnival cruise lines. the broken line will cause further delays in what is already a slow, tedious process. towing this ship through the very shallow waters. earlier this afternoon we got word the ship reached the buoy marking the entrance to the channel that leads into mobile bay. normally it takes a ship three hours to move from that point to where i am at the port in mobile. but it was expected to take the triumph 7 to 10 hours to make the journey. now with that broken towline and unconfirmed reports saying it's now repaired, expect it to take even longer. >> jonathan, is there any faster way to get these folks off that ship? >> there's not a faster safe way. there was a kidney dialysis
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patient who needed to be medivac'd. it was an emergency, so they got him off by helicopter. but for healthy passengers, these ships are not really equipped to safely transfer thousands of passengers from one vessel to another while offshore. maritime attorney jim walker explains it would are a dangerous operation while at sea. >> you would have to essentially open a crew exit or one of the gang way doors then fashion some type of gang way from one ship to the other. then try to get 3 or 4,000 people across that gang way. >> so for passengers aboard the triumph, the safes way to get back to shore unfortunately is also the most tedious way, staying on board the ship. >> the ship is edging closer to land and we're hearing from some of the passengers, aren't we?
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>> we are indeed. we have been all day. the ship's been within cell phone range so family and friends have been hearing from their loved ones on board the ship. earlier today we spoke with a couple that has a daughter onboard the triumph. listen. >> she said the conditions is terrible. they had water but it was brown water. they had no bathroom to use. the food has been cold and it's just been a awful trip. awful trip. >> greg, once the ship gets into port, it's not over. dis embarking more than 3,000 passengers is going to take a long time. as you pointed out, they need to board buses. they're not staying the night in mobile but will go back to texas or overnighting in new orleans. a lot of people have been asking why new orleans instead of mobile?
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carnival says they have more charter flight options. for passengers want to go fly home tomorrow, new orleans apparently offers more options for them. >> jonathan, is could be a long night for you in mobile waiting for the ship to come in. thanks very much. with us, one of the passengers, brenda cologne, a passenger on board the triumph. brenda, before we get to the conditions on the ship, as i understand it, your aunt was onboard and was airlifted out. can you explain? >> she was actually taken by the coast guard from the triumph to another cruise, not by helicopter. she was taken to another boat for dialysis. >> because she needed kidney dialysis? >> that's correct. >> any word how these doing? >> she's doing great. she's back at home safe and sound. >> all right. let's talk about the ship because we get varying reports of the conditions there. you know, overflowing toilets,
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seeping raw sewage, bags of human waste in the hallway. what is your view of it? describe the conditions. >> well, all that is true. that did happen. it's still happening. our biggest challenge was the bathroom situation. me and my cabin mate had to abandon our room because of that. thank goodness our friend's room was not overflowing like that. that's where all our stuff is and we're able to wash our hair over the sink and wash our hands. it's been tough. you know peered. >> one doctor described your ship as a floating petri dish of unsanitary conditions and it's ripe for bacteria and illnesses and some of which may not emerge for a week or two. how worried are you about the health risks? >> we are all very worried about
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that. we -- as soon as we got reception and spoke to our loved ones, several of us have called our physicians to make appointments. >> it took four long days to bring this ship to where it is now. it's still not docked. does it seem to you negligent for carnival not to have a better set of contingency and rescue plans? >> yeah, i'm not really sure how that works. i know that they, here where we're at, they've been doing a great job, we've had food, we've had water. they've been able to restore power on some parts of the boat so we've been able to charge our phones. they've put on comedy shows, played movies. the crew onboard have been wonderful. >> we've talked with other folks who are angry at the owners and operators of the carnival cruise ship which is offering the following, a refund, credit for
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a new cruise, a free flight home and 500 bucks. what do you think of that? is it sufficient or is it insulting? >> it's better than nothing. that's all i could say. it's better than nothing. >> what was -- what's been the worst thing for you, brenda? >> the worst thing besides the bathroom situation is being away from my daughter, i have an 18-month-old at home waiting for me. i can't wait to hold her. >> we hope you get to her immediately. best wishes to you and for your aunt's recovery. thank you very much. >> thank you. for the first time we're hearing from the couple who said that rogue ex cop christopher dorner tied them up, stole their vehicle as he tried to get one step ahead of law enforcement. we'll be right back. ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪
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ing welcome back. in and out confirmation battle
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over chuck hagel. the former republican lawmaker facing resistance from his own party. g.o.p. leaders threaten to block the nomination with a filibuster. democrats are blasting them for the delay. >> it's shocking that my republican colleagues would leave the nation without a fully empowered secretary of defense during all the things we have going on, including a war. >> but republican leaders say they want more information from the white house about the september attack on the u.s. con late in benghazi and want the text of hagel's speeches. what are republicans saying exactly? >> greg, interesting moments, we had three republicans on the floor explaining why they wanted to hold off on the nomination. they say it's not the first time they've held up the nomination
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of a controversial nominee. they say after next week's recess, they would consider giving the 60 votes necessary to move the nomination forward but considering he's a controversial newsroom -- nominee, they want to give others a chance to review the nomination. a top republican says 60 votes, no big deal. >> in fact during the bush administration, we made nominations and the democrats disagreed. some were confirmed, some were not. there's nothing historic happening today other than legitimate members. arms services committee made legitimate requests and were denied. >> about an hour from now, they'll check to see if they have the 60 votes to proceed on chuck hagel's nomination.
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>> how close are democrats to that magical 60 votes? >> both sides are saying it would be pretty close. there are 55 democrats in the senate, so they need to pick off five republicans to support going forward. i've talked to republicans, i've talked to democrats, and they think it will be pretty close. depends on who you listen to, whether they will get there or not. the senate majority leader wants to move forward. >> this isn't high school getting ready for a football game or some play that's being produced at the high school. we're trying to confirm somebody to run the defenses of our country. the military of our country. >> reporter: to be clear, a lot of republican senators i spoke with today say ultimately barring a bombshell they think chuck hagel will eventually get through to be secretary of defense but think there's probable cause or reason to buy
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more time to make sure they review things thoroughly. >> could be a close one. mike, thank you very much. for the very first time we're hearing from the couple who said that rogue ex cop, christopher dorner, tied them up, stole their car and tried to evade police. we're hearing from karen and jim reynolds. previous reports said he tied up two maids but karen and jim say they own the home in the mountains. according to them dorner probably got in because they left the door unlocked. >> we had come into the living room and he opened the door and came out at us. he -- >> he yelled and ran out. he yelled, stay calm and ran out. >> he continued to say to us quite frequently, he would not kill us. and he justd us to do what
12:19 pm
he asked. >> here's what he asked. he wanted their car. but before he left, he used plastic ties to bound their hands and then went a few steps further. >> once he got us bound, he went out to the bathroom, which was close, and came back with washcloths and stuck one in each of our mouths and then he -- >> he ran back into the living room and he came in like with a cord and tied. >> a couple extension cords. >> tied is around. >> put a pillowcase off our heads and tied the cord around our backs. >> karen says you can see the marks from the advertise. they eventually broke free and called 911 on a phone jim managed to hide in the couch. later that day the sheriff's office reported suspected murderer likely holed himself up in another a cabin and engaged
12:20 pm
in the shootout. adam, it's clear people are still reeling from the events. >> people of course are still trying to process it. it doesn't happen anywhere in the country, for that matter in a sleepy snow resort town that's all about skiing and snowboarding. people are starting to get back to normal. there are new pictures coming in to give us a clear idea of the cabin. these are from "the associated press." you can see a clearer view of the burned cabin. it has a basement and that's probably where they found the identification that said christopher dorner's name along with remains of dorner. the scene is still being processed and likely will be for a few more days. officials don't expect to allow anybody close to the location at least today, likely a few days. i can give you a look behind me.
12:21 pm
these cluster of cabins is where dorner was held up and detectives believe it was for five days. when the reynolds came across them, you heard that story. here's more of what he said about what he felt when he came across christopher dorner. >> did you think he was going to kill you? >> not. >> when he had me laying on the ground, yes, i really did. i thought he changed his mind and he was trying to calm us down. but he -- once he got us bound, he went out to the bathroom, which was close, and came back with a couple washcloths, stuck one in each of our mouths, then he -- >> ran back into the living room. >> it's interesting to note dorner made it an hour from now. he drove through the town and was on his way out. if they hadn't called 911 and fish and game hadn't seen him he might have made it down the hill into southern california's
12:22 pm
inland empire. >> adam housley, thank you very much. your choice of airlines is about to shrink. two major carriers are combining, u.s. airways and american airlines. it may mean less competition in the skies. what does he mean for you when -- it mean for you when you try to book a ticket. >> as we watch the crippled cruise ship, continuing coverage. auto we're going to talk to a mother waiting to be reunited with her young daughter. [ cellphone beeps ] i'm a teenage girl. [ cellphone beeps ] my bff becky texts and says she's kissed johnny. well, that's a problem 'cause i like johnny. now i'm emotionally compromised, and... woopsies! [ tires screech ] i'm all omg, becky's not even hot. and if you've got cut-rate insurance, you could be payin' for this yourself. so get allstate.
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back to our top stories, the long, slow journey to port for a crippled carnival cruise ship and the miserable passengers suffered another setback when a
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towline snapped, setting the vessel adrift. jonathan tells us it's been repaired. let's talk to mary, a mother of a passenger on the carnival triumph. her daughter, rebecca, is 12 years old. thank you for being with us. oh so close. he expected to hold your daughter in your arms right now. and it could be quite a while. talk to us about what you're feeling, your emotions and concerns. >> i think the biggest concern we're having is the lack of communication. we've been told for days, they were supposed to be here yesterday, today at 1:00. then 3:00, they changed to every odd number until now, they'll be here tomorrow. they said no matter what they're going to pull them in, but can i believe that? >> you have been able to communicate with rebecca, your daughter. what has she told you about how
12:27 pm
disgusting and horrible the conditions are onboard that ship? >> i didn't talk to her about some of those things. they were -- there really is urine in the halls. they were asked to urinate in a bag and tie it up and put it outside the door and somebody would get it. they could use the bathroom in the toilet until it filled, or use the bathroom in the shower until it filled. but the stabilization is having problem and it would move and sloshed out on the floor. it soaked the floors. it's -- the conditions are bad. they're eating cucumber sandwiches. >> the understand the stench is relentils and unrelenting. >> if you can imagine even a cat litter box that hasn't been cleaned in four days and it's used by 4,000 people. and it's sitting with no air condition. i bet it smells horrible.
12:28 pm
>> mary, how angry, if at all, are you with the owners and operators of carnival cruise lines? >> i'm very -- i -- yes, i'm angry because of what they've done to my daughter. more than anything, i'm disappointed. my daughter's been on six cruises. this is her sixth. i've been on five, all with carnal val. i don't feel like they're communicating well. the offer for refunding money, a free cruise, and by the way, let's give you $500 to keep you quiet. that to me is a slap in the face. i don't know it was worth $500 to walk around in everyone's urine for five days. >> please keep in touch. we're very concerned about rebecca and all the passengers onboard. it's got to be tough for a mom waiting to be reunited. good luck to you. >> thank you very much.
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all right. an olympic hero charged with murder. south african sprinter, oscar pistorius, the blade runner, accused of shooting to death his model girlfriend. the latest on that case next. [ male announcer ] why is kellogg's crunchy nut so delicious? because every flake is double-toasted... splashed with sweet honey... and covered in rich double-roasted peanuts. mmm. [ hero ] yummy. [ male announcer ] kellogg's crunchy nut. it's super delicious!
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whether you're getting new insurance or supplementing what you already have, call now and ask one of their representatives about a plan that meets your needs. so, what are you waiting for? go call now! we'll finish up here. i'm gregg jarrett in for she said she said. this is "studio b." murder charges against a athlete who made history. oscar pistorius was the first
12:33 pm
double amputee in the olympics. fans nicknamed his blade runner for his artificial legs. police arrested him after his 30-year-old girlfriend turned up dead. four gunshot wounds. she was a model, entrepreneur, law school graduate and for two years in a row, the magazine fhm listed her at one of the 100 sexiest women in the world. local media reported it may have been a case of many identity, that the athlete who enjoyed target shooting, had mistaken his girlfriend for a burglary but police don't know the source of those reports and say there had been previous allegations of domestic incidents at the runner's home and neighbors heard noises before the shooting. trace gallagher is live in the newsroom. oscar pistorius made it clear he
12:34 pm
was a fan of guns, right? >> yeah, he's taken journalists to a local shooting range and bragged about the fact he's a good shot. he acknowledges he's got a handgun by his bed a machine gun underneath the window and a fear for his safety. recently when his house alarm went off, he grabbed a gun, went downstairs. there was no intruder but he one time tweeted the following, nothing like getting home to hear the washing machine on and thinking it's an intruder, to go into full combat recon mode. even though the crime rate is high, oscar pistorius lives in a virtual fortress. >> one of the secure ones are these estates where there's 40 or 50 homes, electric fence and high walls with 24-hour security guarding the place.
12:35 pm
oscar pistorius's home is situated in one of those complexes. >> we should note only pistorius and his girlfriend were in the home at the time of the shooting. >> what's next for pistorius? >> well, he's still is this custody and police say he appears very distraught. his lawyer says he's very emotional but he's a strong man. his hearing is set for tomorrow but south africa has an automatic 48-hour hold on suspects. prosecutors are making it clear they have no part in the story about the shooting being a case of many identity and they don't believe that because prosecutors at the hearing will fight to get him to make sure he's not freed on bail. as to why? that's unclear. but we should find out a lot more during the hearing set for i'm tomorrow afternoon. >> trace, thank you very much. joining us, the new chair of the international bar association's criminal law committee, meg struckler.
12:36 pm
police took him into custody immediately. prosecutors want no bail. what does that tell you? >> those are two compelling points that show immediately there's strong evidence here that none of us know about yet that shows that there's enough that kind of leads to this person being the one that made the -- this happen. we have four shots. yes, there's guns and maybe an intruder, but why four gunshot wounds and the prosecutor opposing bond? that sounds like a first-degree murder going on. >> neighbors allegedly heard screams before shots were fired. and there's apparently a history of domestic related calls to the home. police had to show up. normally that would not be admissible in a u.s. court of law unless you can show a pattern of conduct that's relevant to the shooting, right?
12:37 pm
>> yes. i practice in three states and it's called similar transactions. what that is using a similar pattern of conduct. prior domestics in anger involved, maybe alcohol. now we're hearing about yelling and alcohol perhaps involved. both equal similar conduct. it may come in in south africa. >> the forensics of this is important. if the distance was close, and you can determine that from residue and stip ling on the body. that's not good for pistorius. >> that's correct. if this goes to trial you'll have a battle of forensics experts and it's fascinating to see what they're able to get. the fact he went into custody this early, they've gotten his fingerprints and underneath his fingernails of the victim and him. all that will be analyzed a lot.
12:38 pm
>> there's word he mistook her for an intruder n the united states, you could argue inperfect self-defense. a honest but many belief your life is in imminent danger. i wonder if that's useable in that country. >> it is. it is. understand, south africa has a large amount of high crime and people have legal gun ownership, you can use the gun if you think your life is threatened. it's self-defense, affirmative defense go even if your mistake. >> exactly. what hurts here is we have four shots. if you're scared about intrude hers, you might shoot one and bolt. four shots is what hurts, four shots that connected. >> is that heat of passion? >> that would make it down to second degree if it's heat of passion. they're angry, they're fighting
12:39 pm
and he's so upset. there's no intent for murder. same type of laws we have here. >> all right. meg struckler, good to see glue two major airlines set to merge becoming the biggest carrier. american airlines and u.s. airways agreed to an $11 billion deal to combine forces. this would be the latest industry merger. over the past five years, we've seen unions between delta, norris, united, continental, southwest and airtran and now american and u.s. airways. of course folks want to know how the proposed merger will affect them. one lawmaker warns reduced competition could mean higher fares. airline weekly columnist seth kaplan joins us. for the average traveler, what do you think this means when they try to purchase a ticket? not now but maybe a year from
12:40 pm
now. >> well, it would be dishonest to say this is going to have no impact on fares. after all, one reason companies in any industry, certainly airlines are not exception, merge is to reduce competition and maybe push prices up a little bit. on the other hand, it's not true to say airfares be going to skyrocket. we've had several mergers. yes, afares are higher than a few years ago but they're still a good deal. >> does this get by the antitrust division? there are concerns of monopolies in 12 years we've gone from ten major carriers to four. >> great question. it's especially good when you think even under the bush administration, just several years back, when u.s. airways wanted to buy delta, that deal fell apart on fears the department of justice under bush would say no. it's a fair question to ask but
12:41 pm
it's unlikely the government is going to stop this. this merge is more like united, continental, which under the observe administration was approved as well as delta northwest. they didn't create the monopoly markets people feared -- >> my wife turned to me and says what's going to happen to our frequent flyer miles. i said probably nothing because they'd be hit with a myriad of lawsuits. >> exactly. you wouldn't want to kill the goose. those frequent flyer programs are the golden egg for airlines. actually, good news for consumers. on one hand you might pay more but say you have some miles with american and some with u.s. airways. they're going to put them together and you might have enough for a free trip. certainly these are airlines that are consolidating, less competition and might not have
12:42 pm
to compete for business. don't are surprised if it gets harder to get the free seat. >> what is interesting is if you look at a map, there's little overlap these two networks. could that mean customers to are tied to one airline, and a lot of people are, will enjoy expanded route and flight options? >> yeah. that's one benefit. again, alongside higher airfares. we have an airline industry that's able to offer more to customers. we have airlines that now are no longer just struggle to get through the day, able to invest in products, provide inflight wifi and able to offer broader global networks. that's one benefit. the airlines compete head-to-head. literally only about a half dozen nonstop routes. if you're denying between charlotte and dallas, the two choices, american and u.s. airways, might be one for nonstop. more commonly, a lot of people who travel say between midsized
12:43 pm
cities, raleigh, durham and salt lake city might have five connecting options, now four there. the american c.e.o. says people will have unpair elleed travel experiences. >> good to see you. >> like why. thank you. >> cavuto will have the c.e.o. as of the airlines today. that's your world today at 4:00. word today that europe is sinking further into a recession. what it could mean for us over here. stick with us.
12:44 pm
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the oldest current u.s. senator, frank lautenberg, will retire at the end of his term. the 89-year-old served from is the 1982 to 2001.
12:47 pm
retired, hated it and won reelection. he's the only remaining world war ii veteran remaining. the retirement opens the door for democratic mayor cory booker who made it clear he intends to run for senate in 2014. >> more bad news for the global economy and our own. new data shows europe is sliding further into recession. germany has been propping up the european economy but its finances are slipping. figures show the european economy shrank in the fourth quarter last year by .6%. the largest decline since 2009. the problem is that since the world's economy is so closely tied together these days, any hiccup in europe would reverberate across the atlantic and around the world. gerri willis is live with more.
12:48 pm
what does is mean for everybody in the u.s. >> the dow is down today, still down this minute as people start to assess where else should i put my money. they're gunshot to treasuries -- going to treasuries, this is the biggest drop since the fiscal crisis started. not good news. you're going to watch the eurozone have trouble digging out. >> i was watching an expert on economics brag about how wonderful the government spending has been in europe. he musting smoking something. >> unemployment in spain 25%. double digits most places. difficult to get real growth, even in germany, which is a shocker because they have a strong economy typically. folks at the european central bank says recovery could be later this year. that will benefit our treasury
12:49 pm
markets because that's where people go. japan had major financial problems as well so this is looking like a bigger global problem. >> gerri willis, good to see glue good to see you. >> days after the bombshell announcement the pope is resigning, we're learning details about a head injury he suffered last year. an italian newspaper reports pope benedict xvi hit his head during a trip to mexico and woke up bleeding. the injury has nothing to do with the 85-year-old's decision to step down. something no hope has done in 600 years. for four days, more than 4,000 people have been eating scraps of cold food, going to the bathroom in trashcans and bags on the carnival cruise ship. there it is, while they were doing that, carnival c.e.o. went to miami heat game. oh, good pr. that's next.
12:50 pm
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12:53 pm
a fox urgent. the disabled carnival cruise ship limping pack to port in alabama back on the move after a tow robe broke but a ship captain tells us it will be a minimum of eight hours before the ship is docked. i doubt that. more than 4,000 passengers and crew have been stuck on the ship since it lost power sunday. the last five days have been horrible. the inside said to be hot and ripe with the stench of raw signing and more we can't describe. little food. carnival cruise lines claims we're doing all we can.
12:54 pm
each passenger gets 500 bucks, free flight home, full refound for the trip and credit for another cruise. probably safe to say it will be a long time before any of those passengers want to set foot on a cruise ship again. with us, president of emerald partners and author of the book rethinking reputation. we showed a clip. clients are suffering on the ship as well as your employees. the c.e.o. of the company decided i'm going to enjoy a heat game, miami heat. insensitive, indifferent, or brain dead. >> he owns the team. >> so what? >> he feels he should go. this is the same thing, by the way, he did a year ago when the concordia, which he also owns, carnival owns, went aground. >> you would tell him don't do that? >> i would tell him listen to archie bunker, stifle yourself.
12:55 pm
i think they have finally gotten the message that this is the most important pr day in -- or night in carnival history. >> what do they need to do? >> number one, be there in numbers. lots of employees with answers when these passengers get off the ship. spokes men. it's going to be ugly but they should be there. number two, continue to expre remorse. this is what the carnival c.e.o. started doing yesterday. they've got to continue that. number 3, they've got to smother the passenger with kindness and cash. cash in the sense you scoff at $500 but it's setting a precedent. coupled with the refund the rest of it is 3,000 to 4,000 per passenger. it's -- they announced it will cost each stockholder 10 cents a share. kindness means lots of buses, hotel rooms and so on.
12:56 pm
finally, shower 'em, shave 'em, and ship 'em out. what they want to do is get this thing off the fox news. >> they've got to get them off the ship. we're told it's going to take hours to disembark. they have to do it faster. >> it's a terrible situation. what they have to try to do is handle it with all the ugliness as quickly as possible and get it out of the news. that's what they have to do. >> the concordia, of course, was tragic because lives were lost. then the splendor, it to be toed back. now this. one could pose the question, what in the world it wrong with carnival cruise lines. >> now it's starting to stick. they've had a very bad recent past in terms of crisis management. that's why tonight is the most important pr day/night in the history of carnival cruise line. when these people get off, they
12:57 pm
better not greet them by saying happy valentine's day. >> there will be a lot of lawsuits but maritime and international law puts limits on that. but the lawyers will sort that out. good advice. hope they're listening. thank you very much. >> thank you, sir. >> celebrities get all kinds of perks, invitations to parties, fancy gift baskets but kim kardashian and kanye west got to walk past security at the airport. how that happened and how officials responded when they found out about that one.
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